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How It works

The whole barn smells fresh, and the stalls only take 10 minutes to muck twice a day. What a breeze!
- Lisa O.

Completely strip the stall so that it is clean.

1- For best results, add 9 bags (360 lbs.) of Equine Fresh® to a clean 10x12 stall. Spread throughout the stall area to make an even depth. Stalls with mats will take about one half of the amount of bedding.

2- Lightly moisten the pine pellets with a fine mist of water. This will allow the top layer to absorb and expand providing a fluffy layer for the comfort of the horse and effective moisture control throughout the animal bedding.

3- Remove the manure and saturated areas with a manure fork.

4- Add one to two bags per week to maintain a dry and odor free environment.

Entire stall stripping will be extended considerably and may only be needed after several months.

Until we tried your product had been loyal user of wood shavings for our stall bedding. Just wanted to let you know that your bedding pellets are superb. Super absorbent, covers a large area, has cut down on daily cleaning time by at least half, eliminates pitting in the stallion & gelding stalls, nice smell. Wonderful product. We are sold on this product. We can highly recommend this product very cost effective and a whole lot less work involved, takes less storage space too. Thank you for a truly user friendly product.
- Heidi S.


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