Planetwise Products - Natural Pine Pellet and Pine Product Cat Litter and Animal Bedding
How To use
To properly introduce your cat to Feline Fresh® natural pine cat litter, pour the required one inch of litter into the pan and cover with one to two inches of the brand you are currently using. Do not stir the litter box. Repeat this process if necessary when you change the litter again, reducing the amount of the other brand until your cat accepts Feline Fresh® completely.

1- Pour Feline Fresh® into a litter box covering the bottom with one inch of product. If more than one cat uses the litter box, don't add extra Feline Fresh®, simply change the litter box more often.

2- Scoop out and flush solid waste daily. Stir litter box to rejuvenate and redistribute the fresh pine scent of Feline Fresh® 3- Empty, clean and refill litter box when all pine pellets have dissolved. Feline Fresh® can be discarded into the compost pile or used as mulch.

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